Niriides Cruises Branding / UI

Niriides Cruises offers a unique experience with a brand-new Lagoon 42 Catamaran named "Aktaia". This entrancing spirit of the Aegean Sea will take you to explore Cyclades where no one has ever been before. The Cyclades are a unique group of islands, located in Greece, created by volcanic eruptions and major tectonic activity that took place in the Mediterranean million years ago forming this geological monument in the Southern Aegean Sea. The islands are in fact the peaks of the mountains of the Aegis, a landmass which was submerged at the continental crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa creating the outstanding landscape that we can see today rich in crystalline rocks.

Niriides cruises needed branding and UI, that express the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea, the shiny new catamaran and the mystery of exploration.